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About us

Managing Director Jeevan Kairanna, the pioneer of Preserve Chits have been into finance, manufacturing and the construction business for over 10 years. A reputed and trusted name in the city of Mangalore, the enterprising pair have now also established a chit fund company. "As always, honesty and commitment remain our top priority. We believe that the customer is king and will continue to lend them quality service. Preserve Chits will adhere to the highest ethics and work towards making our customers valuable dreams come true," promises Managing Director Jeevan.

Why Preserve Chits :

Preserve Chits is an easy and innovative method that enables you to both save and borrow at the same time. It is considered as one of the best means to convert small savings into a lump sum amount. You can also procure loans to realise a long-time dream or when an emergency arises, which may not be easily available in a conventional bank. Easy accessibility, disciplined savings and flexibility is what makes Preserve Chits popular.

The concept of chit funds is unique to India and has been in practice since thousands of years. Chit funds are basically the Indianised version of the Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA) that is practiced around the globe. Chit means a transaction under which a person comes under agreement with a specified individual of company where in the person will invest or subscribe a certain sum of money in periodic installments for a predetermined time frame. This enables the person to participate in an auction and be entitled to the prize money. Preserve Chits plays an important role in promoting the financial development of both you and your home and and is easy and innovative method that enables you to both save and borrow at the same time. It is considered as one of the best means to convert small savings into a lump sum amount. A bank only caters to a certain section of people and financial help requires laborious paperwork besides working during fixed hours. Preserve Chits on the other hand, is easily accessible and understands that you need to be able to use your money when you need it, which is why you can get it the same day! Whether it is for a planned investment like your daughter's marriage or your son's education; to go on a family holiday or send your parents on a pilgrimage, or even unforeseen emergencies like hospitalisation, Preserve Chits is your trusted partner in your hour of need.

Your future is safe with us:

So why should you invest in Preserve Chits? Because Preserve Chits is an emergency fund, personal loan, savings scheme and a recurring deposit all rolled into one. For someone seeking a loan, it is a source of a convenient credit. For the small saver, it is an option that helps you to invest wisely every month. Preserve Chits is an attractive investment option which caters to people from all walks of life. But most of all, the uniqueness of Preserve Chits as a method of financial planning is the fact that it is both a tool for saving and borrowing. We also understand that life is also about expecting the unexpected. And Preserve Chits can be relied upon in times of unforeseen crisis or emergency.

Chit funds safe and trustworthy:

All India Association of chit funds General Secretary TS Sivaramakrishnan says registered chit funds are absolutely safe. Chit funds in India are regulated and also institutionalised. The chit funds act came into existence in 1982 as an enactment of the government of India. In Karnataka, the chit funds business is under the regulatory control of Registrar of Co-operative Societies and Chits.